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Secretarys Page


   Held in the Sheridan Suite, SWFC on Wednesday 2nd March 2016 @6.30pm

     1. Apologies

            Pat Armstrong, Graham Holden, Julie Dallison, Ian Troops, Brenda & Brian.

        2. Read & agree the minutes of the previous meeting

            The minutes of the previous meeting were not available.

        3. Matters Arising

            The Christmas do was one of the best yet, especially after the problems with centre plate.

            Pie chips & peas for the end of the season do which will be held on the 4/5/16 with a quiz.

         4. Items Submitted for inclusion onto the agenda

There were no items for inclusion on the agenda.
          5. Any other Business

            The Steering Group feedb

There has been two meetings, the chairman is very concerned why he cannot                fill the stadium at 20 at ticket.
The new strip will be blue & white with stripes, Chansiri is very concerned  about the quality.

Chansiri is trying to make it a match day experience, is upset about the quality of the catering but it will cost him 1.7 million to get out of the contract, but his hands are tied as it is a cast iron contract.
There will be a cafe above the shop.

Chansiri wants his 12 year old son to be a director, so he is here for the long haul.

The ban on flasks will not be rescinded. Since the ban on flasks water has gone up to 2.50 Chansiri was disgusted.

Chris said he had been asking for years for a disabled catering booth.

Chansiri is thinking of putting home fans in the away stand upper.

If anyone has anything to bring up at the next steering group then let Chris know, he also requires a substitute if he cannot attend.

John Rutherford has had his chemotherapy and it has shrunk the tumour. He was operated on last week and they removed it, they think it has been a success, he is coming back to work on the 1/4/16.

The Wednesdayite car park has been sold, it will not be in use next season. There are 500 cars on it at the moment, contact Alastair in the ticket office to try and get a place in Rawson Spring or Hillsborough Park.

The disabled toilets are a disgrace, the ground staff are using them and leaving them in awful condition, Chris will bring it up.

The Christmas Party will be held on the 2/12/16

          6.Date of Next Meeting

             The date of the next meeting will be on Wednesday 13/07/16


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